Cougar Town | Big Joe & Big Carl Wine Glass

We have a comprehensive catalog of Big Joe wine glasses and stemware you can buy now.

Not familiar with Big Joe, watch the video below to see the last 60 seconds of the life of Big Joe, aka Uncle Joe, RIP.

Can't see the video, read what Cougar Town prop master John Ornelas had to say here about the big wine glasses used in Cougar Town.

The Big Joe concept is simple, in order to be a Big Joe or Big Carl big wine glass the wine glass must be able to hold at least 1 bottle of wine and preferably one and a half bottles of red wine, aka ginormous!!

We can help you find a replacement or companion for your existing Big Joe, aka Uncle Joe, wine glass and/or we can help you make the transition to the new Big Carl or one of the many other red wine glasses and accessories.